7 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Limousine Services


While going to the airport, or on arrival at the airport, a luxurious, indulgent ride arranged by a limousine service is like an icing on the cake. Limo services outshine even the luxurious experience offered by the first class in Airline carriers. They not only spoil you for fulfillment, the real treat is limo service prices that will be worth every penny that you spend.

Super Value for Money:

All limo services are not equal and also a savvy traveller is aware that it is very important to weigh up the quality of service with the cost. There is, invariably, a directly proportional relationship between the excellence of service and also the price quoted.

Still, knowing the contours of the pricing is critical. Limo service prices could possibly be quoted by the hour or on flat basis for airport transfers. Check whether fuel surcharge, toll charges, tax, service fees, and tips (industry norm is 15% to 20% of the base price) are included in the price quoted. You may then compare oranges to oranges. Smart phone applications are the best since they help you sort the services faster and provide you the very best prices as well as help you book the limo.

Meet and Greet:

You can request for a protocol arrangement by that you are escorted on arrival at the Airport within your limo. The meet and greet arrangement will attract a reasonable fee that will sit comfortably within your style quotient.

Peace of mind:

What better than a limo service that lets you rest yourself within the lap of luxury when you speed on your way to your resort. A grand welcome to your vacation. A smooth ride through the shortest route to your destination is exactly what you could look ahead to, but when you reach, you feel that the lavish ride is over too soon! Your private, partitioned cabin might have an entertainment system, water and ice as well as the daily newspaper. Take pleasure in the supreme tranquillity, occasionally soaking in the scenic beauty flying past your windows or simply experience the siesta time. If you want more information about Car Service CT, we recommend this website.

Feel Like a Celebrity:

Limo services are no longer the preserve of rock stars, film stars, and branded celebrities. Limo service prices make it possible that you can walk tall, attract the attention of the shutterbugs and become the cynosure of all eyes as you seat yourself within your limousine.

Chauffeur Discretion:

You may be assured that you’ll be in the safe hands of a knowledgeable chauffeur; a uniformed professional of consummate skills and immense discretion. The chauffeur will be a model of perfection following a high standard of protocols representing the epitome of personal attention without being intrusive.

Your smallest order will be his command. You may even carry on your sensitive business discussions in-person or on your phone, secure that the chauffeur is professional and dependable.

Talk to your Limo Company:

When arranging a limo for a special occasion for example a wedding, an important client arrival, or perhaps a prom night, speak to your limo company about the range of travellers, to make certain that there’s no compromise on comfort.

Spell out your special needs such as the genre of music you would like, beverage and ice requirements, your preferred route, and any stops en route. Your limo service provider will pull out all stops to guarantee that you enjoy an uber-sensational and gratifying experience.

An airport limo service gives you a sheer indulgence that you richly deserve.